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Travelling to RCR in Michigan USA

It is like visiting Santa's Workshop, snow and all - Race Car Replicas in Detroit USA!

We have a few locally built GT40 kits here in Australia, however the decision to go with RCR was based on it incorporating an aluminium monocoque chassis. Having the support of a local manufacturer would make things easier, but I was not looking for an easy vehicle to construct. I wanted to create something different.

A visit to RCR in the USA to see the car mid construction was a lot of fun but bloody cold! However Fran and his staff were most accommodating so the visit was great.

These are images of my car during construction at RCR in Detroit.

During the visit it was decided that a Ford GT Supercar transaxle manufactured by Ricardo would be used. Its a very capable transaxle and as it was made for Ford it would be appropriate to use on a GT40.

I had no idea how much work this car was going to be. But it was a great starting point for the car that I wanted.

Here you can see some of the other cars in RCR's shop in Detroit. You can visit their website here. They have a great selection of cars and their chassis and suspension work in particular is top notch.

Months later the chassis and body arrived in Australia and the assembly work started with the design and construction of a custom brake setup.




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