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Billet Transaxle Parts for the GT40

The 2006 Ford GT transaxle used in the car required custom engineered supports. Two supports, one at the rear and one at the top, are required to stabilise the transaxle in the car.

For the rear mount I first mocked up the part in cardboard, then transferred it to CAD.

I then had the part CNC machined out of 6061 T6 Aluminium.

The worry when such a part turns up is that you get a dimension wrong and a hole does not line up or the part is at the wrong angle. Luckily it was perfect first time.

Another part to design and manufacture was a large support at the top of the transaxle. The mount fastens to the rear cross member and supports the transaxle in a similar way to the 2006 Ford GT. Again I modeled the part and then had it CNC machined from aluminium.

Various cutter sizes are required to machine a part like this.

Some time later...

Finished! The mount was curved near the attachment point to leave room for a sway bar between the transaxle and the mount. A threaded boss was also designed into the mount to attach a lifting bolt to the transaxle for easy removal from the car.

Above are both mounts on the car before water blasting and anodising.

Another small part to make was a billet rear cabin window. It was something I really wanted to have in the cabin although it wasted quite a bit of material!

When fitted it supported the glass well. All threaded holes are on the backside so that they are not visible in the cabin.



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