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1950 Mercury

Finally, a car that we have been working on for the past 8 months can be revealed!

Over the next few weeks I will release some details behind the build of this truly exceptional vehicle. With awesome metal work and paint completed by Andy's Restorations in Sydney this car is a world class custom vehicle.

Renner Auto was responsible for taking the car from a painted chassis and body to a completed vehicle. We had the developing some special parts such as custom curved glass, all electrical and fuel systems, water methanol injection, custom front and rear lights, and numerous CNC parts and carbon fibre cabin structures.

The engine, a Keith Black ProCharged Hemi, was built by Websters Dyno and Performance.

With a full custom interior and all metal parts plated in 24 carat gold this is a car that will be hard to beat.

The new workshop was perfect for the creation of this car and we were able to keep it under wraps until its launch at the Sydney Hot Rod and Custom Auto Expo.


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