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GT40 Steering Column

A fully adjustable steering column in a GT40 is rare. There is just no room to fit a lot in the car. The steering column is from a current model Australian Ford Falcon/Territory.

Below is one of the many OE sheet metal mounts and columns I have (this rusted one is for trial use only). By using this I can ensure that the shear away plastic mounts on the column are fitted to a fully compliant OE structure and the column will behave in an OE manner in the unfortunate event of a collision by shearing off the mounts. Very important for ADR compliance.

One of the first things I noticed when planning the rack fitment was that if I was to rotated the steering rack about the centre of the rack I could push the column up higher in the foot well without changing the RCR steering geometry.

CAD to the rescue (I have cannot start cutting metal without a plan and have to design everything first!). The fix was to rotate the rack and angle the column upwards. I then machined the brackets below using 6061 T6 alloy stock.

The CAD data was used to print out templates for the holes in the chassis.

The brackets were then trial installed.

The column fits really well.

A steering boss was then made to fit the Mota Lita wheel and quick release hub.

Bosses were machined for the steering wheel as well.

With the dash modified to fit the colum and the wheel fitted the result is an adjustable steering column that is based on an OE compliant system.



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