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GT40 Dash Detail

The dashboard in any car gets a lot of "face time" so its important to do the job right.

After applying a coat of 2K primer it was time to make alloy plates under the gauges. These plates are where all the switches will be mounted like the original cars. These plates will also allow wiring up the switches out of the dash and then simply have one plug to plug them into the dash.

Cutting, bending and rolling the alloy plates was great fun. Its funny, only people who have made these will possibly know how the shape is a little tricky to get right, especially the curve under the dash.

Trimming the plates to fit the dash recess was critical.

Nutserts were placed in the dash to hold the screws.

A/C vents were also installed into the dashboard.

The next step was to create some detail around the adjustable steering column. The column was temporarily placed in the car to create the feature shown in blue primer below.



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