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Front Brake Cooling Ducts for the GT40

Nothing looks worse than dedicated brake cooling ducts that go nowhere! The GT40 has body openings for the front and rear brakes so there is some fabricating to do.

After seeing some great brake setups on high performance cars I felt we should actively cool the brakes as well.

The first job to be done was the front brake ducts. An alloy duct to get the air into the centre of the rotor was the first part fabricated.

Some cooling ducts blow air on only a sector of the rotor or one side of the rotor. This type of cooling can setup differential temperatures on the rotor leading to performance or durability issues.

The disc above feeds air into the rotor hat and forces it out through the radial fins in the rotor.

The round hose pipe was welded to the round disc plate.

A tight tolerance between the round cooling plate and the disc rotor ensures the air is fed well into the rotor and will exit out of the cooling vanes. The next job was to get the air through the front of the chassis plate. I made another alloy structure and bolted it into the chassis.

The seal is a temporary one, it will be cut properly and glued later. As the front body clip closes the duct in the body will seal to this feature.

Next job was the fiberglass duct in the front body. It needs to be a complex shape to clear the spot lights. I also did not want to look in the front of the duct from outside the car and see a fiberglass texture so I made a smooth foam pattern that fits inside the body to manufacture the duct.

I covered the foam in tape and mold release. Then covered it in fibre glass, split it, finished the inside and rejoined them. Now when you look in the front of the vehicle you will see a perfect smooth duct up into the body.

Looking in the duct a smooth black painted surface will be seen.

Cooling hoses take the air from the chassis plates and into the rotor duct.

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