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Huge Radiator and Evans Coolant for the GT40

Nobody wants to build a car that is borderline when it comes to its cooling system. If you are also going to add a large A/C condenser its even more critical to get things right as this places additional loads on the cooling system. The cooling system was designed to be as efficient as it could be and the decision to use Evans coolant was made very early in the build as well. Space for the coolant reservoir in the rear was limited and using Evans meant that this could be made as small as possible.

I decided to design a larger radiator than the stock RCR unit due to the hot Australian climate. There is nothing wrong at all with the RCR unit, I just really wanted to fill the available under bonnet area to the maximum.

I will also be using a large AC condenser so I wanted to account for its impact on the radiator. I utilised two high power 12"fan units (each delivers 1565 CFM at 0" static). These large 318mm diameter fans cover as much of the core face as possible but do draw a lot of power. These will be controlled by the Haltec ECU and will come on at different coolant temperatures.

The resulting radiator and fan package is quite a size jump over the standard unit as can be seen below.

The radiator had condenser mounts welded straight to it on the top cover plate of the core.

The larger radiator fills all the available space in the vehicle and just clears the front of the body. Foam will be used to seal the care to ensure all the air from the front intake goes through the core.

The installation turned out to be very neat. Careful attention when mounting the core is needed to minimise stress on the core which could lead to a fracture.

The total coolant volume of this installation is 19 liters (5.0 gallons) which is great. The larger the volume of coolant the better, except for weight!



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