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Renner Auto is committed to offering Australian customers the best modern replica of the classic 1955-57 Speedster.


By working exclusively with Special Edition Inc., manufacturers of the Beck Speedster®, we have been able to develop and manufacture a premium performance vehicle for the Australian market.


Our vehicles utilise a custom engineered semi unibody chassis that accommodates a modern fuel injected four cylinder boxer engine mated to a close ratio 5 speed transaxle.

Renner Auto also constructs replicas of other classic vehicles from the 50's to 70's. Visit our blogs section to see some of these builds.


Renner Auto is currently working to comply with all relevant ADR's for ICV approval of the Speedster in all states and territories within Australia. We are on schedule to comply the first customer vehicles by the end of this year.

Shown below are Beck Speedster® customer cars in the USA.



Renner Auto is celebrating the high point of automotive design, the period between 1950 and 1970, through the construction of new cars that pay tribute to the styling of that period. These vehicles possess the styling that make them an instantly recognisable classic but with a modern chassis, engine and electrical system they are viable as a comfortable a daily driver. 

While we specialise in offering the Beck Speedster®, we also complete custom builds of classic cars of the same era. Ford's iconic GT40 and Jaguar's XJ13 are two builds we are showcasing here

For a short look at our new workshop be sure to check out this video we released with Evans Coolants here.



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